QuestCraft – I Can’t Sign-in To My Minecraft Account! 401 Error Family Issues

Cracked editions of Minecraft are unsupported in QuestCraft. Buy Minecraft: Java Edition if you would like to sign-in. If you have a Mojang account, then please migrate and login using your Microsoft account. If you are still having issues, here’s how to resolve it:

1. Make sure to enable “Keep Me Logged In”

2. Log into your Microsoft account.

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Fix 2:

Go to and make sure your account is setup and fully migrated

Make sure that: You are migrated to Microsoft

If when logging in, it asks to setup, follow the prompts it gives.

If you are getting an issue inquiring about family, make sure that the age of your account is set to be an adult.

You have played Minecraft Java once using your Gamepass account

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