Terrible Framerate In QuestCraft? Here’s How to Fix

If you recently started playing Minecraft using QuestCraft and might notice that the framerate is terrible. This can be due to number of reasons. However, you can try some fixes to improve framerate in QuestCraft.

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  1. On the Quest 2, set the render distance to around 6-10 chunks. On the Quest 1, set the render distance to around 2-5 chunks. The chunk performance degradation as you increase the number will grow exponentially, as the number of chunks increases by a power of, rather than a multiple.
  2. Set the Graphics to Fabulous! for the best performance. The performance difference between Fast and Fabulous is negligible.
  3. Ensure that there are no background processes running on your Quest headset, so that the CPU is not using up resources on other applications.
  4. If you are casting or recording, you may experience a minor dip in framerate. This is normal and is not an issue unless you are feeling nauseous, in which case you may need to cease the activity to continue playing.
  5. Install Lithium if you are still experiencing issues.

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Minecraft single-player runs the server as well as the client on your device. If you have an extra computer you can run a local server on it and connect to it from your quest for better performance.

If you have an alt Minecraft account the easiest way is to login, run a single-player world, and turn on open to LAN.

If you do not have an alt Minecraft account you’ll have to use Minecraft’s server software which is a bit more complicated. Use a YouTube guide to learn how to run your own server, there are plenty.

Last easy way is to just find a server to play on. Make sure that they allow VR users you can possibly get banned if they do not.

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