[Fix] QuestCraft Infinitely Loading? 4 Fixes

If you are trying to play Minecraft in your Oculus Quest using QuestCraft and all you see is infinite loading, well you are not alone. This is issue is caused by an error and will probably patched in the future version of QuestCraft. However, you can try these simple fixes to solve this issue.

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Fix 1:

1. Reboot the Quest

2. Open the Launcher

3. Press “Select Account” instead of “Sign In”

Fix 2:

1. Restart your headset

2. When logging in, select “Keep Me Logged In”

3. Make sure your Renderer is correct (3rd option) and that the fabric version is selected.

4. Load and wait, do not leave the headset during this period

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Fix 3:

Try tuning your RAM allocation.

1. Open PojavLauncher

2. Go to Settings, Java Tweaks, and change your memory allocation

Fix 4:

1. Uninstall the apk from your headset, and check your files to make sure the net.kdt.pojavlaunch.debug folder is gone.

2. Download the most recent APK from github, and make sure you have sideloaded it first!

3. Download these files, extract it, and replace your net.kdt.pojavlaunch.debug with them.

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These are working files and are different from the github’s files. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ytsEgGNc2BQzB4c3gK–omucgnmnmoO8/view

4. Make sure you select the correct renderer, press OK instead of Play Anyways when given a prompt to do so, and select the fabric loader at the bottom. If this does not work, please submit a ticket or wait for the new update.

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